Used Goods Purchased management system


All-in-one Windows software

Our powerful On-Premise Windows software has everything you’ll need. Everything is all in one neat package.

One-time fee

Our simple, one-time license fee is affordable, and your first year of support is included.

You manage your data

Want to store your data on your own computer? On-Premise is best for you. You will have total control of your data.

Works offline

With Amass On-Premise, you don’t need a reliable internet connection to start working. Being offline is no problem. It just works.

Look Professional

Print or email custom branded PDF invoices, sales and purchase orders to your customers or vendors.

Customizable Logo

Look good with our professionally designed invoices. You can customize the logo to suit your business' style.


Amass is designed to be accurate to the minutest detail. Once the data is entedodgerblue into the system, all the calculations are done automatically by software.

Provide features to create multiple types of invoices.

Allow users to send invoices in PDF formats through various communication channels (email, efax ).

Save unlimited data of all sessions and retrieve it anytime you want.

User-friendly and easy to use.

Use pre-delivered reports.

Screen Shots

Dash Board Amass

Dash Board User Control

New Receipt

Scanner Manager

Image Cropping

Picture Load

NIC Front

NIC Back

Search Invoice

Invoice Printing

Invoice Sample

Organization Configuration


Single User Desktop Windows Application

Downloads and Pricing

Download and Install Pre Setup before the installation of application

Download Amass and Install it.

They are completly free with all their features for 5 days.

By Default Logon and password is administrator

NOTE 1: Windows 10 64 bit, update 1708 or higher is required to install marketflow

NOTE 2: Sometimes there is need for more specialized api's and reporting, beyond what is available in the application. On the request of such api's and reports additional charges could be applied.

Amass 1.0

Price: PKR 10000

Concurrent users working together: 1 per license

Support: 1 Year Included phone, email

Ongoing support: Optional, PKR 2000/year/license


Note: Download and Install Pre Setup before the installation of application. Otherwise your application will not work.