Point of Sale (CCMS)

If you are using a POS and want to assigned Credit to your customer then this will be the good application for use

If you are using a POS and want to assigned Credit to your customer then this will be the good application for use. By using this application, you can easily add/update credit of your customer. This credit can be used as Payment on time of POS payment which special POS credit journal. Customer credit can easily shown on each customer on POS screen, so don't need to go back and check each customer's credit, when any order made that customer's credit will shown in front of cashier. So easily choose whether wants to pay from Credit (partially or fully) or pay from cash (normal payment method of pos).

This application allows assigned customer credit facility in Point of Sale. This application is complete features of customer credit management system for POS which manages the credit balance, pay orders and bill using credit amount, buy credit. Accounting entries managed properly Whenever credit amount use for payment or buy credit balance as well as when first time balance allocated as credit.

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Features Include

All-in-one Windows software

Our powerful On-Premise Windows software has everything you’ll need. From sales, inventory, purchasing to reports. Everything is all in one neat package.

One-time fee

Our simple, one-time license fee is affordable, and your first year of support is included.

You manage your data

Want to store your data on your own computer? On-Premise is best for you. You will have total control of your data.

Works offline

With markrtFlow On-Premise, you don’t need a reliable internet connection to start working. Being offline is no problem. It just works.

Product List

Keep your products organized prices. Cash Register can easily handle 100,000+ products on a regular PC


Use barcode scanners to manage your invoices more quickly and accurately. Cash Register is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer.

Customizable Logo

Look good with our professionally designed invoices. You can customize the logo to suit your business' style.


Cash Register is designed to be accurate to the minutest detail. Once the data is entedodgerblue into the system, all the calculations are done automatically by software.

Calculate transaction totals just like a regular cash register machine.

You can keep track of what you are selling.

Show sales report by day, month or year.

Show inventory and profit by month or year.

Easy and simple user interface.


Single User Desktop Windows Application

Multi User Desktop Windows Application

(Each terminal is supposed to be independent seperate software)

Downloads and Pricing

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NOTE 1: Windows 10 64 bit, update 1708 or higher is required to install marketflow

NOTE 2: Sometimes there is need for more specialized api's and reporting, beyond what is available in the application. On the request of such api's and reports additional charges could be applied.

Point of Sale (CCMS)

Price: PKR 35000

Concurrent users working together: 1 per license

Support: 1 Year Included phone, email

Ongoing support: Optional, PKR 5000/year/license


Note: Download and Install Pre Setup before the installation of application. Otherwise your application will not work.